1. THE AWESOME WHEELIE CARRY-ON: fit everything you need after the flight into the one carry on that has wheels. Roll your clothes and fit socks and undergarments in your casual pair of shoes to save space.

2. THE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT BAG: whether it's a backpack or a travel-friendly purse - use this second carry on to store your essentials and what you'd use on the plane.  For sure keep your toiletries (in a ziplock bag and all under 3.4 oz for liquid based).  Something to read and a thin long sleeved top to wear in case the flight is chilly are key to have handy.

3. SLIP IT ON/OFF: wear shoes that can slide on and off for when you are in the security line. They should go through the X-ray type machine FIRST so you can put them on right away once you're on the other side as you wait for your carry-ons. I also wear my bulkiest shoes to save room on the carry on and the laces are never tied - just loose to slide on/off with ease. Plus it looks cooler.

4. NO BELTS: don't be the person in the security line dealing with a belt to remove. While you're at it - if you're wearing that light jacket already, take it off while waiting in line and put it in your "can't live without it bag."

5. GET OUTTA THE ZONE: once your shoes are on, grab your stuff and go to a non-security guard infested area. You can fix your bags and belongings once away from all the potential drama.

6. 24 HOURS: typically you can check in online for your flight 24 hours before your scheduled flight. Do it. Right at that 24th hour and see if you can move your seat up closer to the front so you can exit sooner. 

7. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:  Book a hotel that is less than .5 miles away from the main location you have to be at. Nothing beats being able to walk to a place in less than 10 minutes or run back to your hotel whenever you need to.

8. COLLECT MILES: not part of an Airline Club? Join. The amount of free upgrades I've received through the years is amazing. Trust me, while first class is awesome - it's even more awesome if you got it for free.

9. SNACK 'EM: pack some nuts or an easy, non-liquid, non-smelly snack, even some hard candies for any flight over 4 hours.  It can go with your free drinks and break up the time sitting when your stomach grumbles. I like to eat something little every hour on the flight - it keeps you satisfied while saving your appetite for a great meal once you’re settled at your destination.

10. THE FIRST TWO HOURS: Always leave at least a two hour window from when you check into your hotel to when you absolutely must be somewhere. And I unpack the clothes that need to unwrinkle and then do something physical - take a stroll, stretch out in the hotel room or take a nearby class, drink a glass of welcome bubbly! It's just key to extend your range of motion since you were cramped up on the plane and it encourages a great night's sleep on your first night.