When I was 10, I was a GOD in our annual school play! I was Osiris, Egyptian God of the Dead and every performance (a full weekend run!), I was dramatically "killed" and stuffed into a cardboard box (AKA my sarcophagus). As the "slaves" carried me away, I'd quietly cheer in that box - so happy to be in the play. I've been hooked on acting ever since.

I’ve studied with life changing acting teachers such as Patsy Rodenburg and Grace Zandarski and worked with great NY theatre companies like Partial Comfort Productions and Leviathan Lab. But acting in film is my JAM!  I've shot some fun big budget movies like Marci X (Lisa Kudrow) and Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and love work on indie projects. Collaboration with film artists/experts like Roz Coleman WilliamsRyan Kipp, Michael H. Yoon and Jennifer Tuttle are gifts I will always treasure. Stories about human connection that push for truthful intimacy are where my passion lies. I hope to collaborate with you soon. Cheers - Marc


DRAMA: Detective / LAWYER

SAMPLE CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: ARCHER SEVILLA (39), Chiseled in every-way Asian- American attorney. A killer with words in the courtroom, he wins every case he litigates.  But when his father unexpectedly dies and his mother sues him for negligence, Archer faces his first case that just may unravel him.

Sample Detective Scene



SAMPLE CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: JASON - Single Dad with three kids and a freezer full of meat. Jason is the local butcher with words of wisdom for his regular customers but he can't seem to get a date. Maybe it's the fact that he uses specials on short ribs to flirt.

Sample Romantic Scene.