My Adventures In Grub & Wine

Top 3 Quick Eats – Worth The Calories!

1.    Sushiritto (San Francisco and NOW NYC!!!!) – Eat the Lava Nachos & the Porkivore.

2.    Minca Ramen (NYC) – I get the Toroniku everytime.

3.    Black Iron Burger (NYC) – I had the Masterpiece Burger (the organic fried egg on it is everything) at my bachelor party and dream of it often.

Top 3 Recipes I’ve Perfected & Swear By*

1.    Dad’s Chicken Adobo – tangy, garlicky, saucey chicken cooked down to yum yum goodness.

2.   Bake Me Bacon Risotto – the green peas add color and a dash of health.

3.   Crock Pot Andouille & Collards White Bean Soup

* And by “Swearing By” – I mean – these are so easy to cook and don’t require a ton of ingredients and can still impress any guest. Hit me up on any social media forum (clicks below) for the recipe you want.