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Suicide Dolls Lead DIR. Keith Shaw
Sister's Keeper Supporting DIR. Kent Faulcon
The Road to Sundance Supporting DIR. Michelle Clay
Something in Common Lead DIR. Karlie Lewis
Son Up Lead DIR. Andrew Shearer
The Burning Sands Supporting DIR. Reggie Moser
6000 Degrees Lead DIR. Glen Zucman
Greatest Story Ever Told Supporting DIR. Nick Heim
Love Lost Supporting DIR. Tiffany Howard
Family Times Supporting DIR. Douglas Harrell
College Divas Lead DIR. Tiffany Howard
Coffee House Lead Grad Film
Justified Co-Star Dir/Peter Werner
Strong Medicine Co-Star Lifetime/DIR. Joe Napolitano
Suspect Day Player MTV Network
Arts Across America Co-Star WTTW
To Sir w/Love Part II-MOW Featured CBS
Secret Fridays (webseries)           Series Regular Salsera Productions
THEATRE (partial list)
Diary of a Catholic School Dropout      Lead/Girl #4  Whitmore Lindley Theatre
Young Playwrights Fest Various Pegasus Players, Chicago
Glengarry Glen Ross (females) Blake Coleman and Smith, L.A.
Big River Alice's Daughter Winnetka Theatre, Chicago
A Christmas Carol Maude/Dancer Holiday Productions, Chicago
House of Blue Leaves Corinna Loyola University Chicago
Much Ado about Nothing Ursula DIR. Eileen Glennon, Chicago
Getting Away with Murder Charmaine New Millenium, Chicago
Death and the Maiden Pauline DIR. Eileen Glennon, Chicago
Poof Lorraine Little Theatre
Scene Study (master class) Warner Loughlin (current)
Meisner Playhouse West
Cold Reading Margie Haber Studio
Improv Second City, Chicago
Voice and Diction Nan Withers-Wilson
B.A. Theatre Arts & Psychology Loyola University Chicago
Dance: Salsa/Mambo (professional), Bachata, Cha-Cha, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz
Sports: Swimming, Track and Field, Rollerblading, Yoga
Dialects/Languages: Southern, Basic Swahili pronunciation, Various regional dialects, Conversational Spanish