11 August 2014 (8:04am) = South Extension II, New Delhi, India =

So I forgot my journal. I had this really cool tan, weathered-looking journal that I was on a roll with. I wrote pretty much every day since I started it earlier this year and it had a lot of extra pages for India. Classic though, I left it in NYC.

I realized the other night that it presents a great opportunity for me – to “type” out my thoughts and share them.  I’ve obviously known having kids was going to be a new chapter is this cool life I’ve lead. I knew it would shape my thoughts, feeling and priorities into exciting (in the newness and unfamiliarity of it all) ways.  What I didn’t expect is that it would make me instantly more open.  I actually didn’t even know I could be more open. But I’ve been writing in journals since I was in elementary school. It was an English assignment and something about it seemed right to me. Admittedly, in middle and high school it was a lot of regurgitation of my daily schedule (Today I had the best breakfast ever . . . blah blah ) but as I grew older – it morphed into a deconstruction of what was going on in my heart and head. It allowed me to figure things out – what I was about.